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Mirko Milanesi

The technical illustration has the fundamental objective of communicating the characteristics of the represented object, and, depending on the level of detail desired, may be intended for professionals or simply private users without any specific technical knowledge.

These drawings may be used to good effect by companies in any sector. For example: aeronautics, cars, medicine, and for use in brochures, leaflets, instruction manuals and spare parts catalogues.

Another application of this type of drawing is in the tourism branch. These illustrations are perfect for aiding descriptions on museum websites, as well as for buildings which are of historical and cultural interest, such as castles, cathedrals, theatres, etc.

The cutaway drawing, the 'exploding' diagram, technical views and technical animations (for websites), are just some of the most used applications in the sector of technical representation.

We have been active in this sector for more than 20 years, and our partners and clients include specialised companies and publishers. We are also experienced in graphic design and publications which require technical understanding and skills.

Illustration: Air Force One
Illustration: Airplane
Illustration: Alinghi America's Cup
Illustration: BMW hydrogen vehicle
Illustration: motorcar
Illustration: Castle
Illustration: Church
President's Helicopter
Illustration: Valascia
Illustration: Pendolino high-speed train
Illustration: Maglio Carena reconstruction
Illustration: Constantine Palace
Illustration: Ship

Swiss Cut-Away

Tower illustration

Swiss-Cutaway is a service dedicated to drawings which utilise the cutaway and explosion techniques, for use in fields such as tourism. Examples of our work include:

Website: Swiss Cut-Away

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