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Fields of Expertise

We work only with proven specialists who have experience and specific knowledge in the following fields:

Transalpine Translations

Websites and SEO-designed Content

SEO-content, search engine optimization, website content, marketing integration

Transalpine Translations

Scientific documents and reports

Chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, environmental science, educational materials

Transalpine Translations

Industrial processes and Engineering

Chemical engineering, civil engineering, industrial safety, ISO 9000/14000, environmental reports and audits, EIA, robotics, PLC, railways, construction, tunnelling

Transalpine Translations

Business and Marketing

Brochures and marketing, correspondence, reports, promotions, advertising, agreements, T&Cs, Tradeshow Print&Key

Transalpine Translations

Legal and Banking

Annual reports, financial statements, bank documents, contracts, legal declarations, deeds

Transalpine Translations

Medical and Pharmaceuticals

R & D, contrast media, drugs testing and trials, epidemiology, medical examinations, approvals

Transalpine Translations

Literature and E-Publications

Short stories, novels, poetry, non-fiction publications, Ebook production, Audiobooks and AV voice-overs


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